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Voss Foundation’s Women Helping Women initiative funded the construction of two wells in Kalebuka, Democratic Republic of Congo: one at the Georges Malaika School for Girls for the students’ use, and a second in the village for the community. Voss Foundation’s well at the school is the only source of water, and serves the kitchen, toilets, sinks, and health facilities.

In addition to the construction of the well, sanitation facilities also funded by the project reduce the potential for contracting diseases like diarrhea and cholera. As part of every water and sanitation project, Voss Foundation also requires hygiene education so that the community understands the importance of safe hygiene practices.

The health benefits associated with clean water and sanitation facilities help minimize sick days for students and teachers, an invaluable contribution to their ability to participate in the classroom. Proper sanitation facilities also reduce the chance that girls will drop out of school or regularly miss days once they hit puberty.

The girls at the GMF school are thriving. You can follow their academic progress on the GMF website here. We thank Women Helping Women for the support that made our clean water and sanitation project at the GMF School for Girls a reality!


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