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Our water project with the Georges Malaika Foundation (GMF) is complete!

The Voss Foundation has helped GMF build a well at the first all-girls school in the village of Kalebuka in the Katanga province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, providing the school and village with facilitated access to pure, clean drinking water.

You can see from the photos below that the villagers and children are already getting clean water from the well!

In the last picture, you can see that the construction of the school is coming along quite well too!

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Georges Malaika Foundation is an organization committed to empowering African girls through education. Democratic Republic of the Congo has one of the lowest rates of primary school completion. GMF is dedicated to solving this education crisis. One of their projects includes building a school for girls with an initial capacity of 100 students and a final capacity of 325, in the village of Kalebuka in the Katanga province, where no school district currently exists.

Voss Foundation’s well on-site will serve as the only source of water for the school. Without fresh water, the school would not be able to operate.

Throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, girls are forced to abandon schooling to spend their days helping their mothers fetch water. Together the Voss Foundation and GMF can provide the local community with access to both clean water and education.

*Photographs courtesy of Georges Malaika Foundation

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