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Almost four months after the completion of the Georgica Well, our project with implementing partner FACE Africa in the community of Little Liberia, in the rural Timbo District of Rivercess County, Liberia, the FACE Africa team returned for a visit and took some pictures of the well in action!

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The Georgica Well was funded in 2013 by the First Annual Georgica Clean Water Benefit for Voss Foundation held at Georgica Restaurant and Lounge in Wainscott, East Hampton, New York. VOSS Water chronicled the implementation of this project worldwide in their 2014 31 Days to Make A Difference campaign, from start, to struggle, to successful completion. Thanks to the Georgica Well, the 300-400 residents of Little Liberia have clean water easily accessible in their community. Previously, residents got water from a creek over 14 minutes away along a narrow bush road; during the height of the dry season there wasn’t access to water for days.

On July 3rd, the Second Annual Georgica Clean Water Benefit for Voss Foundation hosted by Blue Bloods’ actress Sami Gayle and Victoria’s Secret model Vita Sidorkina, which included live performances by country music phenom American Young and DJ Lee Kalt, raised over $14,000 in support of Voss Foundation’s mission. Check out the Facebook album from the event, and read the event recap!

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