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We are thrilled to announce that the solar pump was installed last week at the Good Future and Hope Foundation (GF&H) Orphanage in Nakisunga, Uganda! The solar pump is connected to a borehole onsite at the orphanage and pumps water to a 10,000L storage tank. Water can now be piped from the tank directly to the kitchens and bathrooms on the orphanage grounds. And the children at the orphanage are delighted, as you can see from the letters they wrote us, above.

Our Program Director, Caitlin Rackish, reports from her site visit that this is the first week the children have been able to brush their teeth with water from the bathroom sinks, drink straight from the kitchen sink without first treating it or filtering it, wash dishes in the kitchen sink, and shower without worrying that they might get a skin disease – a perfect example of our Ripple Effect.

Since the school borehole has yet to be completed, the orphanage borehole will be networked to the school’s water, sanitation, and hygiene infrastructure next week so they will have water once the school opens. This project will not only enhance access to clean water to benefit the children and staff of the GF&H orphanage, but the 575 residents of Nakisunga as well. There will be eleven access points served by this borehole: four kitchens, four bathrooms, and three standpipes, including one for the community. In addition, GF&H will be conducting a community-based training in maintenance, management, sanitation and hygiene.

This is Voss Foundation’s first project with GF&H, and our first project in Uganda. The GF&H orphanage borehole is also the seventh project funded by our Give A Drop partnership with Jewel’s Project Clean Water and Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Unite. The infrastructure for the school, teachers’ houses, and dormitories that will temporarily be served by this borehole, until the second borehole is complete, was funded by Lene Maria for Rent Vann‘s memorial campaign and Kim and Tenny Field‘s personal giving campaign.

Thank you everyone who has supported the our work with Good Future and Hope! We will continue to provide updates as the project progresses.

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