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CVF_UGA_GFH_water.tank_02-300x198onstruction of a solar powered water system is underway at the Good Future and Hope (GF&H) orphanage in Nakisunga. This is Voss Foundation’s first project with GF&H, and our first project in Uganda. The GF&H orphanage borehole is also the seventh project funded by Give A DropVoss Foundation’s partnership with Jewel’s Project Clean Water and Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Unite to address the worldwide water problem. Give A Drop supports water, sanitation, and hygiene projects in Sub-Saharan Africa, implemented by Voss Foundation and our on-the-ground partners. In addition to the recent project in Uganda, Give A Drop has funded projects in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, and Mali.

Christopher Kyobe, CEO of GF&H said: “I cannot wait to see the faces of the children and the villagers when we get clean water for the first time ever in this region. We struggle so much with all the health problems here… we were told it is because of the poor water quality. We always boil it, but it is still not clean and has a brown color.  Many children and elders are very weak because they always get diarrhea and even high fevers from the water. Also in summer, [when it is dry], there is very little water.  We are so happy, that Voss Foundation decided to support GFaH with the borehole…”

VF_UGA_GFH_children_04-group-300x198VF_UGA_GFH_current.source_03-300x198GF&H will drill a borehole onsite at the orphanage connected to a solar pump that will pipe water to a pre-existing 10,000L storage tank. Water will be piped from the tank to the kitchens and the bathrooms in the four houses as well as two standpipes on the orphanage grounds: one at the water tank and one near the circle of homes. In addition, a standpipe will be constructed near the tank to provide water to approximately 50 families (approx. 300 people) in the community of Nakisunga. The orphanage and the community previously collected water from an often-contaminated hole GF&H dug to collect stream water runoff.

VF_UGA_GFH_Orphanage.Borehole_Project.Description_21July14_pg1GF&H will also train a management team comprised of foster mothers, the security guards, and boys and girls ages 12+ on proper usage and maintenance. They also plan to educate and train members of the local community, especially the mothers and children responsible for the collection of water, on management of their tap as well as basic hygiene and sanitation. GF&H will work with the community to set an appropriate water fee and payment plan for community members.

“We are thrilled to work with GF&H to achieve their mission through the implementation of this solar water system as well as the opportunities for continued partnership that tie into Voss Foundation’s ripple effectsays Program Director Caitlin Rackish, who had the opportunity to visit GF&H on in April. “While in Uganda I learned that GF&H is one of only a few oprhanages that supports street children. Most consider street children to be too difficult to handle. I was amazed by how well behaved, kind, and considerate GF&H’s children are, which is a testament to the dedication of the local staff and volunteers. The level of oversight and transparency I observed on the ground, which proved as meticulous as it was presented in the proposal, and the rapport they’ve established with the
community, aligns with what Voss Foundation loos for in our projects and partners.”

To read the complete project description and see the budget, click the report cover image to the left. Voss Foundation will provide updates as the project progresses.


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