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This holiday season, 300 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa wish for access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene. By making a donation in the amount of cost elements from real Voss Foundation clean water projects in Liberia, Swaziland, and Kenya, you can help us make thousands’ wishes come true. The cost of each item is pulled directly from the budgets of Voss Foundation’s clean water projects – these are not averages, but actual line items from real proposals, that make a real difference in people’s lives through access to clean water and sanitation.

Steel Rods and Tie Wire Little Liberia, Liberia $35.00
Water Quality Testing Little Liberia, Liberia $60.00
Well Top Little Liberia, Liberia $72.00
Local Communication: phones for implementing staff Egebeni Chiefdom, Swaziland $87.50
Construction of 1 pit latrine Egebeni Chiefdom, Swaziland $92.45
Cement (10 bags) Little Liberia, Liberia $110.00
Dedication Plaque* Little Liberia, Liberia $150.00
Monitoring/Evaluation: reports over two years (6x) Egebeni Chiefdom, Swaziland $221.67
Digital Camera: document implementation and monitoring Egebeni Chiefdom, Swaziland $250.00
Local Transportation (1 month) Egebeni Chiefdom, Swaziland $350.00
Afridev Hand Pump, Pump Jacket, and Padlock Little Liberia, Liberia $560.00
Installation of 1 hand pump Egebeni Chiefdom, Swaziland $1,449.06
Solar Panels, Frames, and Installation Ilgwe Eldome, Kenya $2,550.00

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