Home · Blog · Kenya : Headmaster thanks “Lene Maria for Clean Water” campaign on behalf of students

Photo courtesy of Namdalsavisa

Before, our children had to fetch water from the stream and carry the water to the school. For the first time [there]is running water in the school. Please take our gratitude – God bless you. We will be with you to remember Lene Maria. – David, Headmaster, Masikita School

The school at Masikita, in Samburuland, Kenya, has a small kitchen where the children get one meal per day; now, running water makes it much easier to prepare that meal, and ensures that the food prepared is healthier as well. And, the students don’t have to carry the water for getting food, which means they can spend more time in class! The school has 5 teachers and 117 students, all of whom benefit from the first Lene Maria for Clean Water project, which opened last month!

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