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The Voss Foundation’s project at the Hope Mission School near Paynesville, Liberia, implemented in partnership with FACE Africa and funded by the Women Helping Women New York 2011 campaign, was formally dedicated on Monday, December 12, 2011, with the keys turned over to the school and community!

The project achieved its goal to bring improved access to clean water, sanitation facilities, and hygiene practices to students at Hope Mission School and residents of surrounding communities in Bernard Farm.  A forty foot hand-dug well and hand-pump were constructed, as well as a six-compartment latrine with a hand-washing station and several storage rooms.  In addition, the project comprised the formation of a School Health Club and a WASH Service Management Committee, and included Pump Mechanic Training.

Pastor Boniface Diggs, Founder and Principal at the school, opened the dedication ceremony by stating, “This project is life-saving for the school and community, and we are so thankful to all of our partners and the individuals who made it possible.”  Dr. Brahima D. Kaba, Commissioner at the Liberia Land Commission and a FACE Africa Advisory Board Member who was also in attendance, stressed the need for the government to join its partners in providing clean water to communities throughout Liberia, noting that Liberia has more water resources per capital than any other country in West Africa, but only 30% of Liberians or less have access to safe drinking water and improved sanitation.  An elderly woman responsible for cooking and taking care of younger students at the school was ecstatic about the project.  She said that even more important than food, was water, and kept repeating the phrase, “Water is life, water is life!”

Also present was Dr. Togba-Nah Tipoteh, Chairman of Susukuu, Inc. and a former Liberian Presidential Candidate. Dr. Tipoteh thanked FACE Africa and the Voss Foundation and said he was highly impressed with a theatrical piece performed by the Student Health Club, depicting the importance of having access to safe drinking water.  He remarked that this kind of drama should be broadcasted on radio and television to raise the critical awareness that can lead to nation-wide action to provide safe drinking water and better sanitation for all Liberians.

Read the final report or see photos of the completed project to learn more!  A heartfelt thanks to our Women Helping Women donors who made the project possible!

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