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See the email we just got this morning from Noella Coursaris Musunka, founder of Georges Malaika Foundation, our implementing partner in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: two photos taken today of our Kalebuka village well! This well was funded in 2011 by our Give A Drop partnership with Jewel’s Project Clean Water and Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Unite. In August 2011, we attended the opening ceremony in Kalebuka and today, two and a half years later, the community still benefits from access to clean water. We’re overjoyed to be able to prove the actual sustainability of our work.

In the first photo, a girl demonstrates how she pumps water. In the second photo, Noella tests out the pump for herself.

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Subject: voss foundation well pics
Date: Fri, 24 Jan 2014 17:10:51 +0200
From: Noella GMF <xxxxx@xxxxxxxx.org>
To: Kara Gerson, Caitlin Rackish

live from kalebuka

Well photo 24Jan14 second
Well photo 24Jan14
Noella Coursaris
 MusunkaFounder, Georges Malaika Foundation
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The Kalebuka village well is our second well in the DR Congo; our first was funded by our Women Helping Women campaign in 2010 to provide access to clean water to the Georges Malaika School for Girls, as it was being constructed – they needed water access onsite to make the bricks for the building. Once this school (the first all-girls’ school in the region) was complete, that well was converted to an electrical pump to serve the school and its facilities including the toilets, sinks, health center, kitchen, and garden. Therefore, it was necessary to create a second well, outside the school, so the community would not lose access. We’re exceedingly proud that both wells are functioning to this day.

We are so grateful to Noella for sending us these photos – and to GMF and all of our wonderful partners for continuing to follow up on our projects for years after implementation. It is with their help that we are able to truly see the ripple effect of clean water – and of our supporters’ contributions!

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