Q&A with Kandace


What inspired you to start your own fundraising campaign?

For most of us, having access to clean water is sort of like breathing.  It is not something that we have to think about. Its always there.  We get up in the morning brush our teeth, take a shower, drink some bottled water, have our coffee or tea, all before even getting to work.  We consume more water in our morning routines than some families have access to for a week.  And furthermore, to know that there are young girls being deprived of an education because walking miles to get clean water for their families is the vital a necessary role the has to be filled just breaks my heart. We all come from different walks life, born into different families, privilege, religions and cultures, but at the end of the day, we are all just people here. People with the same basic needs. The need for love, safety and nourishment. But without nourishment, without water, we cease to exist.

Why water?

Love is my inspiration and motivation.  How could you not want to help whole communities deprived of access to clean water; the most fundamental piece to our very existence? Water is life.

How and when did you first learn of the Voss Foundation?

I first learned of the Voss Foundation back in 2011 when I was invited to the Women Helping Women Luncheon by my Managing Director at the time, Wendy Maitland.

What do you hope to accomplish through this campaign?

What I love about the Voss Foundation is the fact their efforts go far beyond providing access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene. It’s their long term dedication to the region after implementation and their facilitation with community driven development.

There are so many amazing causes out there, but this one has surely become near and dear to my heart. Through my campaign I just hope to bring added awareness, love and support to the Voss Foundation and the Sub-Saharan communities in need.  Every little bit helps.

“Let love be your guide…”



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