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Having been sufficiently deepened and rehabilitated, the Voss Foundation’s wells in Kanikombole, Mali are now completed!

With the first, most important phases of the project accomplished, we will move on to address additional ways in which clean water can improve the life of villagers.

A consultant will come in shortly to train the people of Kanikombole in the water-purification properties of seeds of the Moringa plant, which we wrote about earlier. While the well water is currently clean, Moringa seeds could provide a viable temporary solution during repairs and clean-up, if contamination ever does occur.

We are working on building a fence around the nursery with a storage area and toilet nearby. An ox and cart will also be procured soon to help the villagers sell the fruits (and vegetables) of their labor! The photo above is one Stuart Franklin took of plants being watered in the Kanikombole nursery. Our on-the-ground partners at Sahel Eco will help train the nursery association in the use of the ox and cart, so that they can be financially self-sustaining.

Voss Foundation is grateful to Sebastien Amodeo, our contact in Bandiagara (Dogon country, Mali), for conveying the good news!

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