Karen Egren Jewelry is proud to partner with Voss Foundation in creating a new and exclusive bracelet collection as part of the International Year of Water Cooperation 2013. 20% of the proceeds from each sale will be donated to Voss Foundation’s mission to provide access to clean water to communities in Sub-Saharan Africa and raise awareness of the ongoing need in that region.

You have been chosen as a featured curator for your incredible personal style and the influence and respect you wield as a result! Here’s how the curator program works:

  • You select 3-6 bracelets from all of the galleries below, mixing and matching to create your own, individual bracelet cocktail that reflects your style. Click on each bracelet or “View as slideshow” for more information. Please email your selection ASAP to kara@thevossfoundation.org.
  • Karen Egren Jewelry and Voss Foundation gift you your very own set, which will then appear for sale on karenegren.com/voss.php named after you! (e.g. “The Karen”)
  • As soon as your gift arrives, you send a clear photo of yourself wearing “The You” bracelet cocktail along with a quote about what Voss Foundation, water, Africa, and/or women’s empowerment means to you, to kara@thevossfoundation.org
  • You share your photo with all of your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, your blog, etc. You can even make a YouTube video about your bracelets if you want!) including the link to the product page on karenegren.com and the following tags: @vossfoundation @karenegren #KE4VF #armparty #rippleeffect #cleanwater #jewelry. Please do this at least twice on each social network within the space of one month.
  • You wear your bracelets forever with pride, knowing that your style and influence have helped to generate vital funds to save countless lives in Sub-Saharan Africa with access to clean water. If anyone asks you about them, you send them to Karen Egren or Voss Foundation!

For more information, or to purchase bracelets directly, please see http://www.karenegren.com/voss.php

For information about guest curator program, please email kara@thevossfoundation.org.

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These bracelets are designed by Karen Egren in New York City, with materials sourced responsibly from Asia.