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Anne Vilkati Gone Rural ArtisanAnne Vilkati works with Gone Rural, an artisan group in Swaziland with which Voss Foundation has partnered to provide access to clean water to its members and their communities. Our 2012 Women Helping Women clean water project funded the construction of 5 wells and 33 latrines in Ndinda and Ngoyiya, in the Middleveld region.

Currently, Gone Rural employs 750 women to create beautiful, hand-woven products that create sustainable incomes for the Gone Rural artisans. With Gone Rural’s help, and our joint clean water project, women like Anne are able to support their families as well as create an empowered life filled with joy and opportunity.

“I now have a lovely vegetable garden that brings extra cash to my family and keeps us healthy,” says Anne.

With access to clean water, women don’t spend as much time walking for water nor taking care of themselves or family members sickened by water-borne illnesses. Therefore, they have more time to devote to income-generating activities, among other things. This shift in both finances and gender roles can have a large impact on the development of a community and on the lives of women and their families. For our Swaziland clean water projects, Voss Foundation has partnered with Gone Rural boMake, Rosecraft and NEST; all organizations dedicated to benefiting the lives of women in that counry through employment and empowerment.

Voss Foundation takes a particular interest in how access to clean water especially improves the lives of women and girls, just one of the many ways our clean water projects create a Ripple Effect!

“May all the women sitting at home join hands, do handcraft – and teach the younger generation to do the same!,” says Anne. We couldn’t agree more! That’s why we further support Anne and her fellow Gone Rural artisans by selling their crafts in our African Bazaar.

You can help us promote the development of African women through our Women Helping Women initiative. WHW events will be held this year in Boston, New York, and San Francisco – tickets are available now, or email us at info@thevossfoundation.org to start your own WHW group and change the lives of more women and girls in Africa yourself!

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