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Photo Courtesy of Georges Malaika Foundation

Julienne Masangu Baruani is a bright first grader at the Georges Malaika School for Girls in Kalebuka. She is 6 years old and the third eldest in her family. She enjoys coming to school every day, and really likes reading in French class. When she gets home, she enjoys playing with her brother before eating her favorite dinner of rice and beans. She hopes to one day become a doctor.

Water is quite literally the foundation of Julienne’s education:  it formed the bricks that built her school, it’s needed to cook the two meals a day she eats there (with food grown in the nearby garden), and it flows through the health center and sanitation facilities that keep her healthy and in class! Did we mention how much we love the Ripple Effect of clean water – and the Women Helping Women who make it possible?!!

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