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trench moing alongA well rehabilitation and school improvement project at the Milgis Trust School in Ilgwe Eldome is underway! This is the third clean water project funded by Lene Maria for Rent Vann (or, Lene Maria for Clean Water, in English) in memory of Lene Maria Bergum, and their  second in Kenya.

Inspired by the connection between water and education they witnessed on their trip to Masikita in Samburuland, Kenya for the opening ceremony of their first water project, the Bergum family decided to raise $69,012 more through continued innovative efforts and generous public support to fund the Milgis School Project.

An example of Voss Foundation’s Ripple Effect in action, the project will not only provide access to clean water, it will improve education for many children. The project will repair and protect the existing borehole on the grounds of Milgis School, outfit the borehole with a solar-powered water pump piped to two access points at the school and in the village, and establish water committees trained in proper usage, management, and maintenance. To capitalize on the improved opportunities for education that clean water enables, we will also construct one new, furnished classroom and one new teacher house with showers, toilets, and kitchen, and repair the existing classrooms and facilities at Milgis School. Local artisans and laborers will work with Milgis Trust to rehabilitate the water source and to build the new classroom and teacher house with environmentally friendly, locally available materials.

FOTO: BJØRN TORE NESSMilgis School is a primary school started seven years ago as a joint initiative between the Ilgwe Eldome community and Milgis Trust. Milgis School educates its students in both traditional academics and conservation. As basic education is a necessity, so is conservation education in this region. Milgis School’s mission is to nurture conservation ideas in the minds of young Samburu children with the eventual goal of helping the community to understand, through their own children, the many benefits of conserving wildlife, the habitat, and the Samburu way of life. To learn more about Milgis School read our previous post!

Voss Foundation representatives have visited the Milgis School on several occasions and we are excited to work with Milgis Trust and the Bergums to realize this project. We are so grateful to the Bergum family and all the Lene Maria for Rent Vann supporters, and look forward to providing everyone with updates as the project progresses.

For a complete description of the Milgis School Project, and to see the budget, click the report cover image below.

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