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Need a great gift or a decorative accessory to liven up your home? Check out our new, handmade items from Swaziland! Our Program Assistant, Kathleen Yaworsky, visited our completed 2012 Women Helping Women project in Swaziland last month. While there, she toured the workshops of our local partners, Gone Rural boMake and Rosecraft, spoke with artisans about the intricate process to make each piece, and purchased new products for our African Bazaar.

Rosecraft and Gone Rural boMake are two organizations in the rural areas of Ndinda and Ngoyiya, Swaziland, which employ women artisans and produce valuable crafts. Similar to Voss Foundation’s goal of improving the lives of women and their families through access to clean water, Rosecraft and Gone Rural both work towards women’s empowerment by providing training and fair wages for women in rural communities. Following the completion of a project in KaNdinda Chiefdom, funded by Women Helping Women 2012, Voss Foundation with the help of Rosecraft and Gone Rural will continue to spread the ripple effect and aim to provide opportunities for women throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

Rosecraft and Gone Rural boMake products consist of quality materials and complex patterns. Our new Swaziland products include home goods such as bowls and baskets, intricate beaded necklaces, child animal patterned backpacks, and much more! Not only will buying an item from our African Bazaar provide you with a quality product, every purchase will support local artisans and assist Voss Foundation to continue to work with our partners to provide access to clean water.

All proceeds from the African Bazaar go directly to support Voss Foundation’s clean water projects in Sub-Saharan Africa and assist the women in the areas that we work. Stay tuned for these new Swazi items to be added to the African Bazaar website. In the meantime, to shop our African Bazaar and make a difference, click here.


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