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Voss Foundation is pleased to announce our sixth project in collaboration with Milgis Trust in Kenya!  The newest Voss Foundation water project in Samburuland will serve the two communities of Seren and Kasipo, providing clean water access to approximately 2500 permanent and semi-permanent residents. The project aims to restore the existing borehole at Kasipo and outfit it with a solar-powered pump, then pipe the water from the well to two water tanks, providing clean water from the well via five water access points: two in the community of Kasipo, two in the community of Seren, and one remote access point for wildlife. The project will also include community training in proper maintenance  and management.

On our scouting trip this past fall, we traveled to Seren and Kasipo on the northeast side of the Ndotos. This is an area with serious water problems. High mountains surround the region, but there are no rivers flowing from the mountains. Women from Seren walked 20 kilometers to the opening ceremony [of the Voss Foundation water project]at Urra…[in February 2012, asking for water for their community – and thereby demonstrating their dedication and community involvement!]Seren is situated at the beginning of an important pass across the Ndotos, so there are many travellers that will benefit from this water – including pastoralists in their 100s – with their stock looking for grazing.

-Helen Douglas-Dufresne, Founder, Milgis Trust

For an account of the site selection and project planning process of our local partner, check out this earlier blog post by Milgis Trust.

Voss Foundation is pleased to have the support of the regional government for this project, whose local engineer endorsed our plan to rehabilitate an existing borehole.

This project was funded by proceeds from the Just Around the Corner Art Auction held in Norway in 2011. To read the complete project description and see the budget, click here.

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