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Voss Foundation is pleased to announce a new project in Zian Town, Liberia, in collaboration with FACE Africa! The Voss Foundation Young Professionals sponsored the “Host Committee Well” through a series of fundraising events in partnership with Host Committee, an innovative tech startup that orchestrates private curated events at exclusive venues in New York, in order to further raise awareness and vital funds for the Foundation.

Kirsten Hanson, a New York Brand Manager for VOSS Water, was inspired by our Women Helping Women campaign to start a parallel Junior Committee, to host fundraising events for young professionals in New York, noting, “I felt that it was a good platform to reach friends and share a cause that I care about.” Zian Town is the first project funded by the Voss Foundation Young Professionals campaign. Click here to learn about how you too can party for a cause!

The Zian Town project includes the construction of a new hand dug well and installation of a hand pump, as well as community training in proper usage and maintenance. Through this project, the Host Committee Well will provide access to clean water and sanitation to approximately 400 residents from the community of Zian Town and surrounding areas. “Host Committee Well” is part of Voss Foundation’s support of FACE Africa’s “County by County” initiative, which aims to provide complete water coverage to every county in Liberia, starting in Rivercess.

Currently, community members of Zian Town must get their water from a small nearby creek. Although the source is not far from the town, the water is contaminated. The water is the same source used for bathing, cooking, and washing. The installation of a hand pump will ensure that the clean water needs of all community members are met.

Click here to read the project report on Committee Well!

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