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View of Nyiroyia from above

Now that the glorious rains have ended (more about that later), work is finally able to get started in Nyiroyia, the site of our newest water project in Kenya with our partners Milgis Trust. Nyiroyia is located in the Marsabit district, an extremely arid area east of the Ndoto Mountains, near the Samburu region of Northern Kenya where we have been working since 2008.

The star marks Nyiroyia, in this map from our partners Milgis Trust

The closest water source in the area is 20-30 kilometers away through the desert, at the foothills of the Ndoto Mountains. With the changes in the environment, even the mountains are struggling to provide enough water for all the people and all the wildlife.

The project is unique from our previous Kenya water projects because the area is purely nomadic. There is no permanent settlement here and no defined community apart from the passing relationships of the migratory culture. The people here are pastoralists and rely on their transient lifestyle in order to keep their livestock healthy and their family provided for.

In a method similar to our other projects in Kenya, however, we will again hand-dig a well fitted with a solar pump, serving several water tanks and access points.

Nyiroyia is the first water project funded by our Just Around the Corner Art Auction this May in Norway. So far, the project is on schedule so it should be completed in time to bring some of our donors to attend the opening ceremony in Spring 2012.

* * *

In other news, we hear from Milgis Trust that, following an historic drought, the much-anticipated rains have turned the Samburu region green!  See below what the same spot looked like before and after the rains! Beautiful!


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