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Project implementation begins! Frances the technician (pictured right) and Jacob the welder (pictured left) left for Masikita today with a truck full of supplies. The drive takes all day (in the best of conditions – though it was raining when they left, which can slow down transportation in the hills).


The past four days were spent purchasing all the necessary materials in Nairobi, preparing for the 400 kilometer journey to Masikita, site of our fifth solar water system in Kenya.

Moses Lesoloyia, the Program Manager at Milgis Trust, our Kenya implementing partner, is already in Masikita, helping the community prepare to organize the digging of the trench for pipes, etc. A local painter named Nderitu has been commissioned to paint a picture of Lene Maria for the sign that will mark the Voss Foundation clean water project, funded by the memorial Lene Maria for Rent Vann campaign in honor of Lene Maria Bergum, who was tragically killed in the 2011 shooting at Utøya, Norway.

As some of you may know, this past year there was violence in nearby Baragoi, but our partners are closely monitoring the situation, and safety remains their number one priority. Tribal unrest is common in rural Kenya, and here in Samburuland the Turkana and Samburu are often at odds – so we are happy that improved access to clean water will help ease the tensions caused by strained resources!

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