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Photographer Braden Summers

Voss Foundation is pleased to announce our newest artistic collaboration, with award-winning Paris- and New York-based photographer Braden Summers! Braden will be joining the executive directors of Voss Foundation and FACE Africa on a weeklong tour of Liberia to illustrate the impact of clean water in local communities.

dscn2797Voss Foundation completed its first project in Liberia in December 2011, funded by Women Helping Women and implemented in partnership with FACE Africa, bringing clean water and sanitation facilities to the Hope Mission School in Paynesville. Voss Foundation will visit the site to monitor the project and measure its impact 6 months after implementation. Together with FACE Africa, we will also explore new sites in Liberia to evaluate options for future projects.

Image from Braden's Haiti portfolio.

Voss Foundation is excited to collaborate with Braden, and is confident that his professional imagery will help raise awareness of the need for clean water in Sub-Saharan Africa. We join FACE Africa in thanking Braden for his extraordinary generosity in volunteering his services pro-bono to our joint cause.

View Braden’s impressive portfolio at  www.bradensummers.com. As an independent photographer, his work also serves to document our progress from a third-party perspective, contributing to the transparency and accountability so necessary in development work. Braden previously traveled to Haiti with NGO Roots of Development, depicting the strength and dignity of the Haitian people as they rebuild their devastated nation. Conditions in post-civil war Liberia are in many ways analogous to those of Haiti, so exposure to the story of water in Liberia will add a global dimension to Braden’s artistic depiction of the issue of access to clean water.  An Indiegogo campaign has been created to help defray Braden’s expenses for the trip–connect to the campaign here and share to expand its reach! Contributors receive art photography collectible prints, photobooks, and more rewards.

Voss Foundation has had great success bringing photographers to our projects in the past, so we are equally excited about our collaboration with Braden! Renowned photographer Stuart Franklin created a beautiful gallery of images after visiting our projects in Mali. Professional photographer Danielle St. Laurent traveled to Latakwen, Kenya to photograph the opening of Voss Foundation’s first water project, and Rachel K.B. Troye contributed images from a Women Helping Women donor trip to Swari, Kenya as well. We are grateful that such artists are willing to share their vision to help document Voss Foundation’s work in Sub-Saharan Africa!

Learn more about Braden’s goal on his Indiegogo page, Braden in Liberia, and get involved! 

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