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We are excited to announce that the last of five hand pumps included in the Lene Maria for Clean Water project in Rivercess County is now complete! Thanks to Voss Foundation and our local implementing partner, FACE Africa, this project now provides access to clean water to 400 people in James Town, Liberia. Voss Foundation is proud to sponsor FACE Africa in its “County by County” initiative, the goal of which is to provide complete water coverage to every county in Liberia, starting in Rivercess.

Though the original rehabilitation site was located at the Gblosseo Community Clinic, our local partners discovered that the well constructed by a previous NGO was impossible to rehabilitate, due to its narrow telescoping. After a thorough assessment, the community selected James Town as an alternate project, especially due to its close proximity to the original location. Voss Foundation’s adaptable approach encourages a flexible response to conditions on the ground, focusing on each individual community’s unique needs and capabilities and ensuring the most efficient use of available resources.

This project sought to improve the overall health and hygiene conditions in James Town. Due to the broken hand pump, the residents were forced to fetch water at a contaminated source. The project also helped reduce the amount of time spent walking to get water, as the creek is a mile away from James Town.



In addition to construction, project implementation included selection and training of a water management committee. This will help preempt another permanent breakdown of the hand pump due to lack of maintenance. The committee, composed of three men and three women, is trained both to run and maintain their project in the long term, and to promote water and hygiene practices in their town.

“The community was excited and eager to get the project started. They also pledged their support and commitment to the project, while thanking FACE Africa and the Voss Foundation for their support.” – Emmett Wilson, Programme Coordinator, FACE Africa

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