VF_Africa_map_06.2014Voss Foundation considers customized models to assess and address the diverse water needs of Sub-Saharan African communities and increase opportunity for women and children to improve their own quality of life and contribute to their community’s well-being.

We choose projects with help from our local partners on the ground, who help us identify the villages most in need whose location, strength of community, and political situation will allow for successful, sustainable projects.

Our aim is to find sites where the need is matched by the community’s will, to ensure that the groups we work with will help maintain the sources and conserve water after our initial implementation is complete; where we can work with not for the communities we help.

Every project is planned with an eye toward sustainability.  Voss Foundation and our partners analyze the unique situation of each village to determine which technology is most appropriate for a long-lasting, successful water project. We involve the community in the implementation of the project. We teach the  members of the community about hygiene and sanitation, and best water usage practices to ensure the clean water is used effectively and responsibly. We train local men and women to maintain and govern the well.

We are proud of the work we do, and supply our donors with proposals, budgets, and workplans.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@thevossfoundation.org or info.europe@thevossfoundation.org to learn more about any of our projects.