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Norwegian and American jewelry designers alike have been inspired by Voss Foundation and our work providing access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene as a means to enable community development and raising awareness of the ongoing need in the region. Camilla Prytz, Trine Ditlevsen, and Tanya Ross, in Oslo, and Karen Egren in New York have each designed beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry to raise funds for and awareness of Voss Foundation.

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Nijili star bracelet, silver or gold plated  MG_3597-150x150

Samburu women wear a small metal star on their foreheads, as a reminder of their origin. Their mythical home is Venus, which they hope to return to one day. Design by Trine Ditlevsen

Den norske smykkedesigneren Trine Ditlevsen reiste med Voss Foundation til åpningsseremonien av et vannprosjekt i Samburuland i Nord-Kenya. De lokale skikkene, kulturen og de fargerike smykkene inspirerte Trine til å designe denne Nijili-stjernen.

100% of sales go to Voss Foundation. Buy now.

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Glass drop necklace, various colors

thumbs_frs2009015g01371A beautiful symbol of women, water and sisterhood. Handmade byCamilla Prytz. Camilla was inspired by the close link between women and water and decided to create a glass drop necklace – exclusively for Voss Foundation.

The glass drop necklace symbolizes that many small water drops can become a big ocean. In the same way, each individual woman’s contribution can become a great big change. When a women wears her necklace, she is reminded of her own participation and her contribution to bring the clean water to the African women. – Camilla Prytz

100% of sales go to Voss Foundation. Buy now.

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Water is Life bracelet, silver or gold plated


Excerpt from poem about water from Everline, a Samburu girl, 2010:

We have to talk about water – Water is Life!

We have to dream about water – Water is Life!

Without water there is no life!

Design by Tanya Ross. Inspirert av Everline og de andre barna i landsbyen Swari i Nord-Kenya designed Tanya Ross Water is Life-armbåndet. The proceeds not only help women and children getting access to clean water – the WiL-bracelet will also draw our attention to the importance of a common engagement.

100% of sales go to Voss Foundation. Buy now.

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Pave water drop necklace, silver or gold vermeilKE4VF-necklaces-gold-silver-together-150x150

Karen is a longtime champion of Voss Foundation and sponsor of our Women Helping Women campaign and events.

Water is the vital resource for life and I desired to be part of that catalyst that transforms this dire situation. Karen Egren

20% of sales go to Voss Foundation. Sold by Karen Egren on karenegren.com. Buy now.

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