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LBR_JTownAnnex_07-22-13_well_construction_18Over four hundred people in James Town Annex, Liberia gained access to clean water this fall thanks to the the personal giving campaign of former Voss Foundation intern, Christina Rydland.

The well, one of the eleven Voss Foundation has funded in Liberia this year with implementing partner FACE Africa, included the rehabilitation of a broken manual hand pump, local capacity-building provided through the selection and training of a water management committee, and  community-wide hygiene training. It is also one of eight Voss Foundation has sponsored as part of FACE Africa’s “County by County” initiative to provide complete water coverage to every county in Liberia, starting in Rivercess.

Prior to the rehabilitation of Signe’s Well, James Town Annex only had one working pump, which did not provide enough water for all the residents. As a result of excessive overuse, the single working pump ran dry every few minutes, so many community members resorted to using nearby creek for water. Signe’s Well alleviates some of the pressure on the first pump, which will help prevent excessive wear and tear on the other pump and reduce the frequency with which the first pump runs dry.

According to Emmett, FACE Africa’s Program Manager on the ground, project implementation initially progressed slowly because community members were heavily involved in farming activities. This minimized their ability to participate. After they were informed that the project could not continue without community support, they became more involved. It too one month to complete the rehabilitation and training the water management committee. FACE Africa transferred ownership of Signe’s well to the community at a dedication ceremony on July 20th, 2013LBR_JTownAnnex_07-22-13_well_construction_8.

Signe’s Well is dedicated in remembrance of Christina’s mother, Signe, who lived most of her life in western Ethiopia. Signe was a nurse and midwife who treated everything from water-borne diseases to toothaches and child labor. She worked with women and children especially, and saw the effects of unsafe water firsthand.

Christina’s motivation to start her own personal giving campaign stemmed from the burden access clean water to clean water, or lack thereof, has on women and children.

“By providing a well or water access point close to their villages, this strain [of collecting water]is taken away from the mothers and girls – and they can use their time more productively like going to school or opening up a small business”

For more details on the Signe’s Well, and to see the project budget, read our completion report by clicking the report cover image below.

To launch your own personal giving campaign, similar to Christina’s, contact us at info@thevossfoundation.org

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