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Jewelry designer CCarolyn Roumeguere 3arolyn Roumeguere grew up in Kenya. Born in Paris, she was raised with the Maasai tribe when her mother, a social anthropologist, married a Maasai warrior.

Carolyn says,

I learned from a young age that without water, there is no life. The livestock die, and the people too…I experienced living with no running water available. We would wake up at dawn, the women would let the young calves who had slept in the house go and find their mothers as well as collecting milk in one of the gourds adorned with beads, shells and seeds. We would all wash our faces with a little water in a cup and boil water to make tea.

After tea the women would attach jerry cans with straps made out of raw hide to their foreheads and start the long walk to the river to collect the water they needed for that day, to wash the children, the dishes and the cooking utensils. Laundry would be done at the river and dried on neighboring bushes. The women would also clean themselves at the river.

When the river dried out because of a drought, the whole community suffered.

That is why I am pleased to be on the committee of the Voss Foundation, as I feel I understand both worlds, as I am a part of each one…

I am a jewelry designer thanks to the Maasai who taught me all i know about colour and design…I support artisans in Kenya , Mexico and Jaipur through my work.

Carolyn Roumeguere 2Carolyn’s jewelry is now sold throughout the world. She serves on Voss Foundation’s Women Helping Women New York Luncheon committee and seen firsthand Voss Foundation clean water projects in Samburuland, Kenya. We are thrilled to have Carolyn’s support and look forward to working with her more in the future!

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