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VF_WHW_NYC_2015_Spotlight_Tracy.Reese-photo Tracy Reese is an American designer whose signature rich, daring colors and unique prints are crafted into joyful, feminine pieces for the modern woman. Tracy Reese’s philosophy is rooted in a commitment to bringing out the beauty in women of all shapes, sizes and colors. Stimulated by the world around her, Tracy Reese takes inspiration from nature, art, dance, travel and global cultures.

Tracy is also a Voss Foundation supporter, serving on the 2014 and 2015 Women Helping Women New York event committee. “I love the idea of Women Helping Women,” says Tracy. “Voss Foundation truly provides a life-changing function, not only giving women the means to provide clean water for their communities, but also the know-how and confidence to lead and empower each other going forward.”

“We sometimes take clean drinking water, clean shower water and clean water for washing clothes for granted. There are so many people for whom these basic privileges are a daily struggle to attain. Voss Foundation works with communities to supply a basic human need that no one should ever be denied.”

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