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Our partners in Swaziland interviewed community members on the impact of clean water and sanitation in their lives. Here is what they said:
“We used to share water with animals, and most of the time the water is very dirty, we are very grateful now that we will be provided with clean safe water from the boreholes. Other people [used to]wash their cloths and bodies at the upper streams and no matter what time one might wake up, [even]very early in the morning, the [water is always dirty].” -Mr. Mkhabela Londela
“My toilet has been a health hazard for some time now, such that I had told the younger children to use the forest instead of the toilet. Now that we have learnt about proper toilets and we will be provided with materials for construction [of a]new one, I am very happy. Thank you…no one in our community ever thought the organization can assist us in this regard.” -Mrs Tsela Margaret
“I [am]very grateful that at last we are going to access clean safe water, we have been seeing people coming into our community telling us that water is coming, but up to now we have not seen anything. We used to travel for more than two hours just to collect water, now that time will be put into good use doing things to improve our lives. Even the children will have more time at home now as they used to go forever just to get water.” -Mrs. Shongwe Siphiwe



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