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We recently got an update and some pictures of the Swari project currently underway in Kenya, from Stella at Milgis Trust:

The pipeline trench is now fully completed and the kisima (water hole) is currently being dug for the solar water pump – this will be approximately 30-40 feet.  Pete made a great judgement with its position as the flash flood of the the other week didn’t flood the area where we wanted to place it.

The photo above shows some children at the last Swari community meeting. You can see the adults talking below:

Just next to the solar panels we are building a small wooden building with local materials for the water bailiff (the community member responsible for guarding the water project) as this particular location is terribly prone to mosquitoes and it’s good for the bailiff to have a work space.  The lorry with the solar pump, panels and piping is on its way up…

Here you can see where we will place a water kiosk overlooking the village:

The community have been brilliant through this project lending a hand whenever needed and are in incredible spirits…

Thanks, Stella!

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