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The Voss Foundation has identified our second project in Samburuland, Northern Kenya, in the village of Swari!

The current situation and village structure in Swari are very similar to Latakwen — the Voss Foundation’s first project with the Milgis Trust in Kenya. The Latakwen project was formally completed in March, when the access to fresh water was ceremoniously handed over to the community in a special celebration.

Swari village has an approximate population of 1500 people. The community has already dug a well, but has been trying to find an efficient way to transport the water to the village. The existing well is deep enough to reach a good water source; however, it is very far from town — farther than Latakwen’s well was, even. This distance causes a great burden to the villagers, especially women and children, and hinders the effectiveness of the dispensary and school.

The project will resemble the Latakwen system, by repairing and covering the well, installing a solar pump, and piping the water to the village center, as well as the installation of  holding tank, accessible by the school and dispensary.

Voss Foundation partners, the Milgis Trust, have already met with the community leaders and elders in Swari and they are eager to begin work!

Above is a photo our friends at Milgis Trust took of one of their meetings with Swari villagers.

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