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We often get inquiries from people who want to get involved with Voss Foundation – so we wanted to share some examples of how individuals and groups have started their own initiatives. Our mission includes raising awareness of the need for access to clean and safe water in Sub-Saharan Africa, so all grassroots efforts help Voss Foundation accomplish our goal.  We at Voss Foundation are incredibly grateful for your support!


The Lene Maria for Clean Water campaign is a wonderfully inspirational and moving story.  An entirely grassroots effort, that emerged out of a family’s desire to honor the memory of their daughter, it has met with unprecedented success – a heartwarming testament to the true power of humanity.  The whole community has united in an overwhelming outpouring of support, and together they have raised more than $100,000 to fund clean water projects in Kenya and Liberia!

Here’s a look at some other great initiatives:

The students of The Lab School in Washington, DC, after learning about the global water crisis and what Voss Foundation is doing to combat it, decided to join in and be part of the solution!  In conjunction with World Water Day, they organized a fundraising concert at their school to help provide access to clean water for people in Sub-Saharan Africa, proving that everyone can make a difference and create a ripple effect of positive change! We encourage students and educators to incorporate service learning into their lives (and since we value life-long learning, everyone is both a student and an educator in our minds)! Contact info@thevossfoundation.org to learn about resources that can help.


Casey Eltringham, the South Florida Brand Manager for VOSS Water, decided she would raise funds to build her own well! When asked what motivates her to pursue this cause, she said: “A simple, efficient well built in a community makes a life-changing difference for hundreds of people. Most importantly, water is an essential part of ALL LIFE…” You can click here to learn more about Casey Eltringham’s Well Project – as you can see, she is well on the way toward her goal!

Margaux Rathbun, an international media nutritionist and creator of the website Authentic Self Wellness, was already very familiar with the individual health benefits of clean water.  As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, she notes, “Water is one of the most important things we can do for our bodies and our health. Water is vital for life.” She became inspired to get involved after learning of the ripple effect clean water can have on a community, reaching out to us to start her own campaign, which involves a personal giving page, a video series, and a fundraising event in her hometown of Portland, Oregon. You can follow Margaux’s progress on our website here and on her blog as well.

Kirsten Hanson, a New York Brand Manager for VOSS Water, made her birthday brunch into a successful fundraiser for Voss Foundation, saying, “I felt that it was a good platform to reach friends and share a cause that I care about.” Kirsten is also currently planning a larger fundraising event series for young professionals in New York to further raise awareness and vital funds for the Foundation.

Have these stories inspired you? They inspire us everyday! And these are not the only ones – others have started their own well projects and set personal goals to mark special events as well. At Voss Foundation, we recognize that the sky’s the limit: if you have a great idea that will help communities in Sub-Saharan Africa change their own lives with access to clean water, share it with us, and together we can make it happen! You will be able to track your long-term impact, as we pride ourselves for following up on our projects for years after completion, to see how clean water continues to make a difference in our communities.

Once again, we extend our sincerest gratitude to all those who help make our work possible, through your time and effort and incredible enthusiasm.  Thank you for making a difference and helping to change the world!

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