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140 women have already joined our Women Helping Women /Kvinner Hjelper Kvinner  Norwegian fundraising campaign!

Once all the donations have been remitted to the Voss Foundation, we will be able to fund the entire Swari water project in Kenya and hope to begin working on our next.

The first woman to join was Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland — the United Nations Special Envoy, former Norwegian Prime Minister, and former Director General of the World Health Organization.

The entire group of women will be honored this October with an evening featuring Thorvald Stoltenberg, who has served as Norwegian Minister of Defense and of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador to the United Nations, UN High Commissioner for Refugees, and President of the Norwegian Red Cross, among other positions.

Participants will receive a necklace from Norwegian jewelry designer Camilla Prytz.

We are still accepting women into this elite group!

For more information, please contact: info.europe@thevossfoundation.org

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