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Voss Foundation European Representatives Cecilie Malm Brundtland and Anette Krosby tell the story behind the Voss Foundation’s Women Helping Women campaign.

If you have trouble viewing the video above, you can find it on YouTube.

Fundraising for the second Women Helping Women project in Ndonyo Nasipa, Kenya, is currently underway.  100% of proceeds raised, both as contributions and ticket sales, go directly to the implementation of the water system.

European women may join by transferring 2000 NOK to Women Helping Women European account # 6074 56 87515 (please note your name and email address). Visit the Women Helping Women: Europe page for more information, or email info.europe@thevossfoundation.org.

US donors should visit Women Helping Women: USA for information on the November 3rd luncheon in New York. Donors may purchase tickets or tables, or make a contribution to the project online. Please contact info@thevossfoundation.org with any additional questions.

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