Home · Blog · Feature : Voss Foundation water project halts cholera outbreak in Latakwen

A note we received today from Stella Deane, who is with Milgis Trust, our implementing partner in Kenya reads:

“We just wanted to write to tell you about the near fatal outbreak of cholera that was brought to an end by the thankful addition of the Latakwen water pump.

The disease was spread just the other week by the influx of people and livestock to the area escaping from [a]drought.

Only very few people within Latakwen got sick and those who did were able to recover with clean water [from the Voss Foundation water project]. There were some fatalities outside of Latakwen,but thankfully our car and a nurse from Latakwen were at hand to offer medical care to the others suffering.

Without the clean and safe water you have provided to the people there, the situation would have been dire and we just wanted to say thank you again on behalf of the whole community.

We are looking forward to commencing at Swari and know it will be another great success.

We thought it was important to get across just how life-changing a single water pump can be in communities like ours.”

While we were overjoyed to hear that the water system we built in Latakwen saved the lives of so many Samburu, this news was a sobering reminder of the value of our mission and just how very vital clean water is.

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