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In February 2010, some of the Women Helping Women supporters traveled to Kenya to attend the opening ceremony of the water project they had funded in the Samburu village of Swari.

To bring clean-water access to Swari, nearly 150 Norwegian women donated NOK2000 each. Every single contribution went directly to help women and girls in the village of Swari improved health and hygiene for themselves and their families. With access to clean water near their homes, Swari women are able to pursue their own social and financial projects to participate in their communities as empowered citizens.

With the help of these Norwegian women, and the dedication of our local partners, Milgis Trust, the women of Swari now have a rehabilitated well, a solar pump, and piping to provide clean drinking water to the school, medical clinic, and a water kiosk in the village. Women, men, and children alike helped out digging the trenches. A water community was established ensuring total community cooperation and the longevity of the water system.

*Photos by Rachel K.B. Troye

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