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We received word over the holidays from our local contacts for our projects in Mali, who send greetings and thanks. They are happy to report that the Voss Foundation wells continue to provide access to clean water to the communities of Kanikombole and Pel, in the Dogon region of Mali. Voss Foundation completed both projects in 2009; Kanikombole was funded by VOSS of Norway ASA and Pel was funded by Give A Drop, in partnership with Virgin Unite and Jewel. We are so proud to know that our projects continue to provide sustainable access to clean, safe water to communities in Mali, four years after implementation!

The villagers of Kanikombole and Pel report a significant decrease in waterborne illnesses thanks to the clean water. The water access points also serve two agricultural gardens, further contributing to improved health and nutrition – in addition to supporting the local economy and women’s cooperatives – a perfect example of the Voss Foundation Ripple Effect! The message community members from Kanikombole and Pel pass on to Voss Foundation is “Yapo! Yapo!” or “Thank you for what you have done!”

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